Maeva Esteva ART.    Photography and drawing

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My name is Maeva, which means welcome in Tahitian.

I was born in a rural area of France where I spent my childhood playing in the forest with my older brother.

Then my sailor parents missed the sea so much we moved to Huahine , a small island in French Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When they were younger they sailed from France to there and I finished growing up there with the dance, the food and the people of the beautiful Polynesian culture.

I returned to France for university and after my studies I went back to Huahine where I lived on my sailboat for a few months but I was young and I wanted something new and wilder. I missed the snow, the flowers of spring, the short summers ending with the outpouring of colours and the first fall of snow that froze your cheeks.

The Yukon appeared to be the wild place I was looking for, my first love is nature and I can't survive for too long away from it. Here in the Yukon I can still live a simple life, get my water from the river, get my warmth from a fire and run in the mountains like a solitary wolf.

I have began to explore the area by dog sled, on foot, by canoe and horses, any way that could take to the middle of nature where nature's song takes my feelings to their highest.

During the years that i reinforced my connection with nature it seemed the natural thing to do for me to share my feelings using my art.

I believe that human beings get away from nature and slowly forget that we are a part of it.

So it is my purpose to make people remember this connection, to share the good feelings that come from being a part of nature and show them that the wild is still there, it is all in how you look at it and the respect you pay for it.


  • Drawing exposure on woman "Nous aujourd'hui", Art Underground, Whitehorse

  • Drawing and photography exposure on a work project with Teegatha¨Oh Zheh, Whitehorse, december 2020

  • Photography exposure on North Canada

Imaginaerium Saint-Jouin Bruneval, France

  • Photography exposure « L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux » (the essential is invisible to the eyes)

Office du Tourisme Limognes, France