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Maeva Esteva ART.    Photography and drawing

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      Maeva esteva was born in 1986 in France and moved to the island of Huahine in French Polynesia at the age of 9.

There she grew up in both French and polynesian cultures and built a connection with both the natural world and human nature. With the Polynesian culture she developed her own personal style of art that evolved through the years.

She moved to the Yukon. 13 years ago looking for more wilderness and cold weather. She lives a simple life in an off-grid cabin on Kwanlin Dün first nation traditional land where she can be surrounded by trees and wildlife of the northern boreal forests.


She started photography and drawing to be able to share her strong connection with nature with the world. As human beings get away from their natural environment and slowly forget what we are all a part of. She has made it her purpose to make people remember this connection through her art and show them that the wilderness is still there, it is all in how you look at it and in the respect you pay for it.

She still travel between the sea and the mountain once in a while to remember her connection with the sea.

She sailed to Greenland in 2019 as part of crew member on a sail boat and they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean with her family in 2022. She recently sale into the northwest passage from Greenland to Kugluktuk, working on a boat. She like the Sea as it is like being in the middle of the bush, there is no hide out, no way to run so you have to face yourself and face the unpredictable Nature.

"I like exploring, I like movement, I like learning new things and discovering new knowledge and culture. I love the Yukon and the arctic and I admire and am really fascinated by the people who live there in a traditional way as they have for thousands of years." Maeva Esteva, Artist

She likes to work with pastels on black paper, but she also works more and more with watercolours. She mixes hyper realistic animal portraits with movement and a touch of dreams and innocence. She believes there is a lack of poetry in the new world and that people should keep dreaming and remind their self how the heart could speak better than the mouth. She like working with water as it is one natural element indispensable for life and it is always a challenge as water is unpredictable like nature, you can’t control everything, you can’t run against time, you can only accept the unknown and play with it.

You are welcome here to see through her eyes, the beauty of the nature we live in.


  • Drawing exposure on woman "Nous aujourd'hui", Art Underground, Whitehorse

  • Drawing and photography exposure on a work project with Teegatha¨Oh Zheh, Whitehorse, december 2020

  • Photography exposure on North Canada

Imaginaerium Saint-Jouin Bruneval, France

  • Photography exposure « L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux » (the essential is invisible to the eyes)

Office du Tourisme Limognes, France

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